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Teaching Character through Performance

Backbone of the Theatre

First awarded in 2002, the backbone award goes to any theatre student that shows a Giant commitment to Parkview Theatre. The recipient of this award always puts the good of the department before themselves. The backbone displays unwavering character, leadership and responsibility. This is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a Parkview Theatre student.

Year Name
2018 Anthony Saviello
2017 Lauren Spence
2016 Lauren Spence
2015 Brandon Brown
2014 Brandon Brown
2013 Robbie Ashurst
Brandon Brown
2012 Mitch Matysiak
2011 Carissa Cassil
2010 Seth Hair
2009 Jackson Rushen
Steven Winder
2008 Jackson Rushen
2007 Jackson Rushen
2006 Garrison Boler
2005 Sam Rushen
2004 Sam Rushen
2003 Kevin Corcoran
2002 Adam Gutkin

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