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Senior Award

The senior award is given to any theatre student senior. Like the backbone award the senior award winner also displays unwavering character, leadership and responsibility. This award culminates the work that a theatre student has done throughout their entire high school career. This award often goes to a senior who has spent all four years at Parkview.

Year Name
2018 Audrey Morton
2017 Tori Alcorn
2016 Krista Davis
2015 Madison Cockrum
Maram Samaha
2014 Heather Reynolds
2013 Sydney Fries
2012 Lauren Johnson
2011 Genevieve Glessner
2010 Kacy Shelton
2009 Kathleen Hains
2008 Jenny Massey-Brown
2007 Seth Hunt
2006 Dennis Burnett
2005 Elaina O'Neal
2004 Emily Gray
2003 Jennice Butler
2002 Sarah Parson
2001 Josh Bruce

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