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Best Tech Newbie

An technical newbie must play significant parts in the majority of the performances in their first year at Parkview Theatre. This award is not restricted to Freshmen.

Year Name
2017 Sierra Chilson
2016 Aaliyah Fields
2015 Ana Hanson
Lauren Spence
2014 Bailey Ratcliff
2013 Justin Sands
2012 Brandon Brown
2011 Gwen Glessner
2010 Robbie Ashurst
2009 Mitch Matysiak
2008 Deanna Deffenderfer
2007 Amanda Dozier
2006 Steven Winder
2005 Beth Duff
2004 Jon Gregg
2003 Tiffany Renfro
2002 Katie Knapp
2001 Amy Chana

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