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The Jackson & Samuel Rushen Technician of the Year

The Jackson & Samuel Rushen Technician of the Year Award is the highest technical award given. This award is given to recognize the technical legacy left by Rushen brothers, for six years in a row the award was earned by a Rushen. Technicians can receive the Technican of the Year award by showing considerable commitment to the Parkview Theatre through time, leadership, and overall character.

Year Name
2018 Lauren Spence
2017 Savannah Gipson
2016 Samantha Gardner
2015 Brandon Brown
2014 Cory Naden
2013 Cassie Franklin
2012 Robbie Ashurst
2011 Ethan Brown
2010 Mitch Matysiak
2009 Jackson Rushen
2008 Jackson Rushen
2007 Jackson Rushen
2006 Jackson Rushen
2005 Sam Rushen
2004 Sam Rushen
2003 Emily Gray
2002 Melissa Maroney
2001 Nick Conrad


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