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Missouri Fine Arts Academy

Missouri Fine Arts Academy

Congratulations to the following Parkview High School Theatre students for their selection to the MOFAA. From 1998 to 2005 Parkview High School Theatre has filled at least one of the two district theatre slots for MOFAA. In 2003 through 2006 Parview Theatre has earned both of the district level acceptance slots into the academy. Mr. Krudwig joined the faculty of the Missouri Fine Arts Academy in 2006. Click on the icon left for the academy's official website.

PHS Theatre MoFAA Attendees
Year State Adademy Attendee(s)
2015 Baylor Barnes
2012 Elizabeth-Campbell Burton
2009 Kacy Shelton
2008 R. H. Wilhoit
2006 Natalie Jenkins
2005 Brie Cassil
Lindsy Greig
2004 Krista Zahn
2003 Ashley Kile
2002 Lane Thomas
2001 Jennice Butler
Derek Macumber
2000 Kathleen Ess
1999 Darrell Powell
1998 Nathan P. Shelton

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