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Cast list for Seussical

The Cat in the Hat – the narrator of the story and the Boy's guide.
Jojo/the Boy – an imaginative and misunderstood young boy.
Horton the Elephant – a compassionate and determined elephant.
Gertrude McFuzz – a shy bird who falls in love with Horton and endeavors to help him.
Mayzie LaBird – Horton's vivacious yet lazy and self-centered bird neighbor.
Sour Kangaroo – the ill-mannered governor of the Jungle of Nool; she carries a Young Kangaroo with her that is often represented by a puppet.
The Bird Girls - Mayzie's friends, who act as a Greek chorus.
The Wickersham Brothers – a group of delinquent monkeys who serve as the Sour Kangaroo's henchmen.
General Genghis Khan Schmitz – a warmonger during the Butter Battle.
Mr. Mayor - the newly-elected mayor of Who-ville and Jojo's father.
Mrs. Mayor - the Mayor's wife and Jojo's mother.
The Grinch - a notable resident of Who-ville who is responsible for organizing the Christmas pageant.
The Elephant-Bird - Horton and Gertrude's adoptive child, who hatches from the egg.
Yertle the Turtle - the judge who presides over the Jungle of Nool's court.
Vlad Vladikoff - a sinister "black-bottomed" eagle.
The Hunters - Horton's captors who sell him to the circus.


Whos - citizens of Who-ville.
Cadets - members of Schmitz's platoon.
Jungle Creatures - chorus and dancers in jungle scenes.
Hunches - dancers in "Havin' a Hunch".
Circus Animals - the animals of the Circus McGurkus.
Fish - residents of McElligot's Pool during "It's Possible".

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